About Us

The maiden edition of the NJPNC is finally published. It was expectedly difficult getting to this stage and the toil is not over yet. We however believe we would be able to navigate the terrain and forge on with further uninterrupted publications counting on the support of our colleagues and by the grace of God. We realize the desire of everyone to be read in established, long standing, high impact, PUBMED listed journals but we would need to grow and develop our perinatal/neonatal journal to ultimately take its pride of place among the high impact journals. This desire played out in the response we got following our notification and announcement for submission of manuscripts for publication. Publishing in a new journal is a sacrifice that must be made and sustained.

It is however important that high standards are maintained in the course of publication and the implication of this is that all submitted manuscripts will be subjected to the rigorous process of peer-review and editorial evaluation before the final decision for publication is taken. This process was not without some difficult encounters as we needed to engage our Paediatricians and Neonatologists, most of who were busy and actively involved in other equally important academic, research and clinical activities in spite of which they speared time to thoroughly review our manuscripts. The efforts and patriotic display of these colleagues are highly appreciated.

In this maiden edition of the journal, the article on Fetal Macrosomia reveals a low incidence of these big babies, while giving account of documented anticipated and other probably unrelated complications. An analysis of very low birth weight babies with emphasis on neonatal survival is also featured in another article. Case reports on congenital Toxoplasmosis, severe birth weight discordance in a dichorionic twin gestation and an unusual fetal complication of maternal gestational diabetes scaled through our peer-review process and are also published in this maiden edition, giving us a collection of interesting articles to start with.

While congratulating NISONM for this take off of its Journal, we appeal and encourage our members to continue to submit manuscripts for evaluation and consideration for publication in the Nigerian Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Care.

Dr Lamidi Isah Audu
Editor in Chief